Who are physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals with a university degree who are keen at evaluating the human body for injuries and disabilities by analyzing physical limitations and movement patterns. The study of physiotherapy itself incorporates an in-depth study of human anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription, and various treatment approaches.  We work to diminish physical deficits and restore mobility through use […]

Why do we need physiotherapy?

Some may wonder what is the point of investing in physiotherapy when taking medications or getting an injection can sometimes appear to resolve orthopedic conditions…to answer this question…I think that most would agree that properly-built bridges would not collapse under normal circumstances; the same applies to the human body. Tissues are prone to fail with […]

What do we have to offer?

Physiotherapists perform an in-depth analysis of physical findings such as posture, alignment of the spine, range of motion, strength, and movement patterns while taking into consideration patient’s subjective account of the injury. It is essentially a lot of detective work and very similar to puzzle solving. A thorough assessment is even more important than the treatment itself […]

What if the problem cannot be resolved with physiotherapy?

As physiotherapists, we are trained to detect RED FLAGS (i.e.: lesions to central nervous system, spinal cord lesions, cauda equina lesions, tumors, etc). Red flags are basically signs that there might be something non-mechanical that might be the root cause of pain. By ruling out systemic causes, we can ensure that we are indeed working on […]

Physiotherapy vs. generic home exercise program?

Physiotherapy is in no way equivalent to just providing exercise programs. People suffering from orthopedic conditions goes through different phases of healing. A progression of force or difficulty is needed at each phase to ensure that weakened structures are being challenged constantly. Generic exercise programs are simply not customized to everyone’s needs and do not […]

Physical assessment & imaging (x-rays, ct scan, mri’s, etc)

Medical Diagnosis A diagnosis alone does not get patients better, unless a patient is a definite candidate for surgery or requires another form of intervention. It is not difficult to tell a client that he has such and such condition. Finding labels for illnesses is easy, but most would agree that getting rid of pain and restoring physical […]