Mission Statement

As physiotherapists, a lot of the advice that we provide for my patients makes perfect sense to us. In our minds, it is very clear why they should adopt such and such sleep position, how they can improve their posture, which activities they should avoid, etc. Passive treatments provided by a therapist are a waste of time if patients don’t make changes to their posture, sleep position, movement patterns, or unhealthy habits. Sometimes we even wonder why patients need to come see us for such guidance and it turns out that these advice are not readily available. There are probably hundreds of clinics that have their own website, but not many that provide non-promotional content meant to empower readers. By creating this website, we wish to share, to the best of our knowledge, tips regarding the management and the prevention of orthopedic conditions.

The purpose of this website is not to replace conventional physiotherapy because physiotherapy is the not a recipe but rather a form of art that seeks to maximize the physical function of the human body. Physiotherapy is one of the few treatment options out there that requires patients to take an active role in their own recover in the form of making changes on their own and performing the exercises frequently. We are not afraid to and are actually qualified to educate our patients on how to treat themselves or at least adopt changes to speed up their recovery.

In sharing this knowledge, We truly hope readers would realize that physiotherapy is not just about giving out exercise programs and is definitely not equivalent to massage. Physiotherapy is about looking at the human body more holistically and recovering lost movements though use of different therapeutic approaches. Building the human body is the same as building a bridge; it requires a solid foundation to begin with.


In the near future, we wish to further develop this website to cover other sectors of healthcare in which physiotherapists play a role in. The primary purpose would still be to educate and empower the general public with regards to management of their health and wellbeing. We sincerely hope that more people would benefit from advice provided on this website and have a better understanding of our scope of practice.



Author : Nelson Lee

Editor/Translator : Ting Gong

Web Programmer : Yafa Su

Translator/Revision : Lise Hénault