General guideline for walking properly with a cane:

  1. Make sure that your cane is properly adjusted before you start walking with it. A cane that is not well adjusted can to more harm than good because it could affect the alignment of the spine or pelvis. The handle of the cane should be 2 cm higher than the level of the wrist.
  2. Ensure that the cane is placed on the non-affected side.
  3. The cane moves at the same time as the leg on the affected side.
  4. Follow the same protocol described in the “Walking / Gait Pattern” Section.

Shown to the left is a video created by the St Mary’s Centre for Orthopaedics show the proper use of a cane. You can definitely take a look at it, but I would suggest mentally visualizing yourself using a cane in different scenarios as to better prepare yourself.


It is a good idea to practice walking towards a mirror to see if you are shifted too much to the side. Another tip would be to place 2 long strips of electrical tape about 1 foot apart running parallel to each other and practice walking along these two strips of tape. Ensure that your feet are always stepping on the tape and that the toes are pointed forward at all times.

Note: By widening the stance and by pointing the toes forward, it would increase the base of support thus increase your stability and reduce the torsion at the hips, respectively.