Backed by scientific evidence & studies

  • Mckenzie approach is recognized and supported by the literature as being evidence-based practice
  • It is reliable and is one of best tools for the assessment and the treatment of mechanical problem
  • Widely accepted globally and is gaining popularity worldwide

May help reduce the burden on the healthcare system

  • More cost-effective since less sessions are needed to obtain good end results
  • Potential alternative to more costly treatments or invasive interventions
  • Helps avoid unnecessary surgeries

Treatment driven solely by patient feedback/ response to treatment

  • Looks at what the body is responding to different repeated movement testing
  • Involves constant re-testing of movements

Patient involvement crucial to recovery

  • Patients take an active role in their own recovery by making changes to habits (sleep, sitting positions, posture, etc)
  • Patients are expected to perform exercises very often
  • They are equally responsible for getting themselves better