A better posture can potentially…

– Keep the spine in the proper alignment
– Prevents abnormal deformation of the spine
– Reduce backaches, muscle strains, and joint dysfunctions
– Improve breathing since it promotes opening of the chest cavity
– Help improve self-esteem/confidence

This image shows the normal curvature of the spine at each level of the spine. As rigid as we think our bones are, they can actually change form depending on the posture that we adopt and the way we move to accomplish different task. Deformation does not happen overnight, but is an accumulation of stress to the spine due to our posture.



Shown above is an exaggerated comparison between good and poor posture. Posture is basically how we hold ourselves up against gravity; the line running down vertically represents the spinal column. The skeletal system is essentially nothing but a system of bones floating in space without muscles and ligaments holding it in place! Imagine how much harder your muscles and ligaments have to work just to try to bring it back to the perfect alignment if your posture is as bad as shown above “left”!