Wrist Strengthening Exercises For Non-Symptomatic Individuals

This particular section is more for people who practice racquet sports (i.e.: badminton, ping-pong) where most of the power comes from the wrist or for individuals who wish to improve their finger strengths (i.e.: martial artists, musicians).

The forearm appears to be simplistic, but there are a lot of structures or muscle groups in this region that help accomplish different actions at the wrist, namely flexion, extension, radial & ulnar deviation. These motions in isolation are not functional if the forearm cannot rotate to either side (i.e.: supination and pronation of the forearm). Strengthening the forearm properly requires looking at all these components.

Suggested Exercises For Strengthening The Forearm Musculature

Strengthening Parameters:

For most of these exercises, you can perform 3 sets of 10 reps to begin with and gradually make it more challenging for yourself. Start off with an amount of resistance/weight that you are comfortable with and add more resistance gradually; focus more on the quality of the movement as opposed to the quantity that you are able to lift.

Forearm Flexor Strengthening Exercise:

Forearm Extensor Strengthening Exercise:

Advanced Forearm Flexor/Extensor Strengthening Exercise:

Not everyone have access to a gym or have equipment’s at home so an alternative would be to attach a string to a horizontally held broomstick and have the other end of the string attached to a beer bottle. You can start with an empty bottle and then gradually add more water to it to provide more resistance for your arms.

Strengthening In Radial/Ulnar Deviation of Wrist:

For this particular exercise, you can replace the weight with regular dumbells or a hammer  while holding on to the handle of the hammer.

Brachioradialis Strengthening Exercise:

Strengthening Of Forearm Pronation/Supination:

Grip Strengthening:

Another great tool to improve grip strength is the Digiflex, which can be used to strength the fingers globally or in isolation. There are different colors of Digiflex available each corresponding to different resistances. See video above.