Having done stages in hospitals, I see the power of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. We often cannot separate the physical component and the psychological component of the recovery phase. When clients are motivated to get better and are willing to make changes to their old habits, we are already on the pathway to success! Blaming your employer or the reckless driver who ran past a red light would not get you any further. However, what helps would be to look at the state you are in right now and tell yourself you would be a hundred times better two weeks from now, one month from now, or even half a year from now, whatever time it takes!

In the meantime, you have to make adjustments to your lifestyle such as getting more sleep, exercising more frequently, avoiding aggravating factors, changing your diet, stop smoking, and  taking charge of your life. All these factors would have a net positive influence on speeding up the recovery as it looks at the human body more holistically. I agree that it is easier said than done but you just have to take it one step at a time and hope for the best!